6000W Electric Scooter



The 6000W Electric Scooter is made of environmentally friendly alloy materials, and the anti-skid particles are widened to widen the tread. After carrying and folding, it is small in size and convenient for storage. It is not restricted by the environment, and it is not a problem to bring the bus and subway. It has a simple flat handle design, elegant appearance, easy to handle, the matte paint surface is more textured, soft alloy grip is more comfortable. Make cycling a fashion, love low-carbon, love life. The operation is simple and easy to learn, the installation is simple, the folding is convenient, and the structure is strong and firm. It is worth buying for you!


  • Motor/Engine: 3000W/60V x 2pcs (6000W)
  • Material: All Aluminum alloy
  • Battery: 60V/ 32-50Ah(LG or Panasonic cell)
  • Brake: Hydraulic brake