LED Light Bicycle Helmet



If you are looking for the best safety and protection helmet for yourself, then look at our LED Light Bicycle Helmet. This LED Light Bicycle Helmet is designed to bring the ultimate level of safety, comfort, and performance to riders of all types. Its led light can warn other drivers behind you to understand your direction. This versatile helmet is perfect for road riding, fitness riding, or mountain biking. An easily removable visor all allows for quick and convenient conversions to match specific rider needs. This helmet offers protection from wind, rain, dust, and other possible hurts for riders. Its protective multi-sport design and rubberized coating make you fashionable and cool. This cycling helmet features an adjustable rotary internal regulator for flexible use and a nice look.


  • Material: Outside-PC. Inside-EPS. PU Foam.
  • Net Weight: Approx 226g