Unique off-road Skateboard



With a portable design, this Unique off-road Skateboard is the best choice for entry-level enthusiasts who seek reasonable prices, perfect cruising, freestyle, downhill, and dancing. Designed to meet the needs of outdoor enthusiasts, this  skateboard requires not only speed but also various functions to adapt to different terrains. No pressure on streets, beaches, snow, and dirt. This electric skateboard includes wireless remote control, has a modern ergonomic design, and has excellent functions. The front, sides and rear of the board are complete with lights which can be controlled from the screen remote. The screen remote control has the latest features, fixed road speed, cruise control, distance traveled and more. The off-road electric skateboard strikes a perfect balance. It provides extremely smooth acceleration while you ride. So, don't be late to go for it!


  • Motor power: 3050 watts each
  • Samsung Battery: 1080 W h
  • Climbing grade: 40%-47%
  • Max range: 22-27 miles
  • Top speed: 27-30 mph
  • Charging time: 4-6 H
  • Charger: 5 A