Electric Self-balancing Roller-skate



With uniquely designed ambient and tail lights to keep you safe in the dark, this Electric Self-balancing Roller-skate is designed to improve stability, steering capabilities, and combined with slip-resistance on the pads bring maximum comfort and fun. It is lightweight and convenient to carry in a bag or in your hand to bring anywhere. It is designed to protect your product from bumps and scratches. It is stylish, cool, and fun to ride. Elastic bands at the bottom allow you to easily carry your e-skates in one hand. The standard display is blue but can be changed to one of three separate modes. Stable self-balancing technology enables us to move effortlessly. The high-power hub motor and spindle-shaped tread design help to achieve more flexible steering. 


  • Battery: 2x 44,4 Wh LiIon
  • Charging time: 3 hours


Electric Self-balancing Roller-skate